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At the end of each Monday LIS has time dedicated to citizenship instruction.  On Monday September 11, I presented an assembly during that time about bullying.   My goal was to hlep kids understand what bullying is and what our school expectations are in regards to Anti-Bullying.   Many of you will have seen the contract that I am asking kids to discuss with their parents and sign.  I think it is important that parents know that we are attempting to be proactive ensuring our school is a safe place.  I also think it is important that parents know some of the defintions that we used in that assembly to talk about bullying.  
—Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged kids that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power.
—It is also repeated, meaning it happens more than once or has the potential to happen more than once. 
—Kids who bully use their power – such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity – to control or hurt others.  
—Power imbalances can change over time and situation, even if they involve the same people.  Meaning kids can be both the Bully and the one being bullied.  
Bullying can occur in many forms including Physical (hitting, kicking), Verbal (taunting, name calling), Social (excluding, rumors).  
Using Verbal and Social bullying online or through texting is still bullying.  
We want all kids to feel safe in our building.  I use the Anti-Bullying Contracts to remind kids what the expectations are for our school.  I would encourage parents to have a visit with their child and to come in to the school to discuss any questions you might have.  
Justin Smith